The newest invention of our projects, WeChat Hack has just been finished and ready for use! From now on everyone can use this ultimate tool to spy chats, messages or voice calls inside this messaging application and stay fully undetected from anyone’s eyes. For this you have to thank to a special “under-radar” system which uses proxies to spoof your real location and protects your connection.

WeChat Hack

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* Works on all smartphones & computers OS’s.
* All countries supported.

How this process works?

This software uses a patched loophole from WeChat’s secured database where all accounts private data is stored (chat logs, photos, calls and every other information shared between all existing contacts worldwide). So we can call it a middle man in a row from where user gets desired information by their entered phone number or account’s ID.
This loop from where hack tool drains data from is patched to always work and protected from WeChat’s security detecting system with its auto-updating plugins. Which means whenever they update their security software our patch will update itself automatically and adapt to bypass their scanning. So you don’t have to worry about that application can stop working one time.
To learn more about the tool’s functionality, read this Wikipedia page.

Why Use This Program?

This application can come very handy in many ways. We will mention just some most popular terms people search to use it:
1. Track girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife – Unbelievable but this is most searched reason people want to have this application. Because of today rapidly way of living, people gets opportunities to meet someone new on every corner; social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) or anywhere else in real life. But online is a most critical place where most cheating between partners occurs. That’s why they decide to use some spying app to trace out their partner’s messages on social media and check out if they flirt with someone else.
2. Monitoring children activities – Parents often afraid for their kids being online because of their naive nature and lack of experience to recognize possible attempts from various online criminals, pedophiles or scammers.
No matter for what purpose you need it, this software will help you to spy any WeChat account you want. Just enter user’s ID or phone number, press a button and you’re ready!

About Us

We are team of coders who enjoy making all kind of applications. We do it for living and as a hobby. Some apps like the one at this website we make as a freebies just for fun to test our skills and imagination. Some other, mostly regular applications for companies or businesses makes us living. Before downloading WeChat Hack tool, please read terms & conditions which are listed at download page as well. Thanks for visiting and wish you a great fun with our app!

NEW Option – Unlock All Premium Features

This is newly added option which unlocks all features you normally have to purchase in App-Store to use. Items like custom emoticons, melodies and such are now available for free!

Hire a professional hacker online in case this tool is not enough for your needs. Or use another pre-made hacking software for various platforms. Check the Instagram page for various hacking & spying tools.